“_Problem Loading Widget” message –

Development issue/problem:

If a resource or something else cannot be found when loading a widget, we are talking about problems loading a widget. That’s it! Unbelievable! This message stays on the home screen and doesn’t even tell you which widget had a loading problem.

I’ve discovered it by trial and error, but I’d like to know if the error message is somewhere when it happens. Where does Android tell you which problem it had while downloading the widget, or even which widget could not be downloaded?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

As indicated in the comments, check the logcat. What you’ll see is a NullPointerException. I’m a dead man.

Solution 2:

Check the elements you have in the view in Widget….

Link to documentation

The RemoteViews object (and thus the application widget) can support the following presentation classes:

  • FrameLayout
  • LinearLayout
  • RelativeLayout
  • GridLayout

And the next widget lesson:

  • Analogue clock
  • Key
  • Stopwatch
  • ImageButton
  • ImageView
  • ProgressBar
  • TextView
  • Viewer
  • ListView
  • GridView
  • StackView
  • ViewFlipper Adapter .

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Solution 3:

Another possible reason:

I saw it in a magazine:

Attribute could not be solved

The problem was that I was trying to use a color from the current theme as background for one of my layouts.

inter alia

android: background=? themeColor

Changing this setting for a specific color solved the problem.

android: background=@color/white

Solution 4:

Gadgets usually swallow exceptions. Just install the correct filter in your logbook and you’ll see what the problem is….

Give here a description of the image

Above I’m just looking for the word widget and I don’t put a filter for a specific application. It basically gives me Throwable.getMessage() without a full stacking process.

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Solution No 5:

The problem with loading the widget is the result of a problem/insect in the widget presentation!

Make sure you use the correct items and their fields.

A RemoteViews object (and therefore an application widget) can do the following … Widget lessons:
Analogue Clock

Documents for developers

That was my problem: I had a field with buttons that was not supported.

android: onClick=onClick

When the widget is removed, it will appear where it is placed (if it was placed before), as well as in the menu of the available widgets.

In fact, setting android:onClick= for each display causes this error.

Solution No 6:

The RemoteViews object (and thus the application widget) can support the following presentation classes:

Frame LayoutLinear LayoutRelative LayoutRelative LayoutRelative LayoutRelative LayoutRelative Layout

And the next widget lesson:

Analogue Clock

Any use other than that described above will lead to what is called a download problem.

Also check the logs (without filters) to see the exact line of this problem.

Solution No 7:

Of course there is a use case where a widget is downloaded from the homepage and the user deletes the application that contains the widget and the widget configuration application.

In this case, you will only see a problem with loading a widget into a toast-like box on the home screen. As far as I know, the widget doesn’t get any indication that the package has been removed, and I think the main screen of the AppWidgetManager will then display a message.

Poorly thought-out behavior by the OS team. I think it is better to call the methods of the onDisbled() and onDestroy() widgets before they remove the package, so that they can clean up if necessary and the user (not the phone user) has a clean experience.

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Solution No 8:

I also have this problem, but only because of the heavy layout of the widget. The presentation of the widget should be as light as possible. Now my widget works perfectly.

Solution No 9:

This can be caused by moving a particular application (widget) from the internal storage to the SD card (Android – Fixed widget loading error with problems).

Solution No 10:

The problem on my side was that I used androidx.appcompat.widget.AppCompatTextView instead of TextView. So no AppCompatible widgets in the widget presentation. The Android widget seems so limited.

Good luck!

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