5 Things You should Know About Technical Recruiting

Human resources are an extremely important and unique asset for any business. Human resource management is an important aspect of running a business and understanding the planning, selection and recruitment process is critical to the success of the business.

What is technical recruitment?

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Recruitment is the process of identifying, attracting and retaining qualified candidates. Staffing needs can be met in two ways: by recruiting new staff and by developing the capabilities of existing staff. The recruitment process begins with the decision to fill a position and a review of the necessary requirements. Once these needs are identified, potential candidates are sought to fill the vacant positions. If the company decides to hire new employees, they will usually post the open position on job sites such as JobsFuel.

Recruitment is a two-way process because it involves two parties: the organization that needs to fill the vacancy and the candidate who wants to enter into an employment relationship with the organization. Both sides have a choice because the candidates don’t care what they do, what organization they belong to, etc.

Recruitment is the process of identifying staffing needs and potential candidates to fill open positions. To make potential candidates aware not only of the jobs they are applying for, but also of their position in the company, a lot of public relations work is required. There are two main sources of recruitment – internal and external. Internal sources include employees already working in the enterprise and external sources include people outside the enterprise (on the labour market, in schools, universities, other enterprises and institutions). Culver Careers can help you find out more.

What is the purpose of the recruitment?

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The purpose of recruitment is to establish a qualified pool of external candidates for a specific vacant position, utilizing applicant tracking software from AgileOnboarding.com. It should be noted that recruitment is a two-way process, which means that not only the organization has certain expectations, but also a potential candidate. Moreover, the legislation is in line with labour law and prohibits all forms of discrimination (based on gender, age, race, religion, etc.).

Personnel planning


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Human resource planning is a very important function of human resource management that contributes to the achievement of the strategic objectives of an organization. For strategies to be effective, the organization must have the right number of people with the skills, knowledge and talent to execute them. Plans are instruments for implementing the strategy, translating the strategy into specific people, activities and other required resources. Answers to seemingly simple but important questions about workforce planning:

  • How many employees do we need to accomplish our business plans and goals?
  • What combination of knowledge, skills and abilities do we need now?
  • What kind of people, what skills, what knowledge and what abilities will we need in the future?
  • How do you provide the necessary people?
  • How do you prepare current employees for future job requirements?
  • Where and how do you find the right people?

As simple as these questions may seem, correct and timely answers are important in workforce planning.

Recruitment targets

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Recruitment is a process that inherently relies on a process of planning and analyzing positions when demand for certain employee profiles is expected to exceed supply and when the organization decides to fill vacancies. Key recruitment objectives:

  • Determine current and future staffing needs in accordance with the organization’s workforce planning and analysis policies,
  • Attract as many qualified candidates as possible at the lowest possible cost,
  • Increase the percentage of selected candidates who meet the requirements and decrease the percentage of approved candidates who do not meet the requirements,
  • Reducing the dropout rate of new staff in the organization,
  • Monitor the success of various recruitment programs and sources of potential candidates to determine the most effective way to attract and retain the optimal number of qualified candidates.
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Why is careful selection important?

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Candidate selection should be taken seriously, otherwise undesirable consequences such as poor candidate selection may affect the company’s performance, development and productivity. Employees with the right skills and attributes contribute greatly to their supervisors and the company.

The internet, considered one of the most important sources of candidate recruitment, allows you to contact a large number of people with a quick return on investment. However, very often we are faced with a situation where a large number of unqualified candidates are applying. In addition to the Internet, there are university candidate search facilities, professional job search organizations, company websites, employee references, and many other sources.


Before starting the recruitment and selection process, a detailed understanding of the movements of the external and internal environment must be gained. Important factors in the external environment are the external labour market and government policy. Internal factors are factors within the organization that influence the recruitment and selection process. The following elements are taken into account: the strategic approach to personnel policy; the hard or soft approach to personnel policy; the financial situation of the organisation; the size of the organisation, the sector to which the organisation belongs and the culture of the organisation. Recruitment is about attracting enough qualified candidates so that the company can select the best candidates to fill vacancies. Potential vacancies are announced when an employee leaves or when a position becomes vacant. In these cases, there is usually a real need to fill a vacant post.

Selection is the process of choosing from the available candidates for a particular job and making a decision to hire them. There are various selection methods and techniques that help managers predict which of the enrolled candidates will best meet the job requirements. Three sets of criteria must be met in the selection process: those that the selection methods must meet, those that the candidate must meet and those that the organisation must meet.

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frequently asked questions

What does a technical recruiter need to know?

Career Guide Interview preparation

What are the 5 stages of recruitment?

The recruitment process includes the following five steps: i) recruitment planning ii) strategy development iii) search iv) selection v) evaluation and monitoring.

What is the role of a technical recruiter?

The Technical Recruiter is responsible for all aspects of recruiting and selecting IT professionals to fill technical positions. … The Technical Recruiter identifies and fills open positions, interviews candidates and maintains application files.

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